Caterina Rigo abita e lavora ad Arco provincia di Trento a 5 km dal lago di Garda.

Fa quadri ad olio, acrilico e tecniche miste.

Quadri su commissione in qualsiasi misura, soggetto e tecnica.

Oilpaintings, acrilics and mixex tecnich little or grand.              I CAN TRANSFORM YOUR PHOTO INTO A PAINTING

Her paintings are vital, rich in lyrical impulses, based on a rhythmic construction of colour and shape; it is interpretation

of the artist which integrates with extreme originality and elegance in her artistic works. She can arouse amazement and

admiration with her works, where her mastery of expressive signs, light and colour is evident and this allows her to create

strong and suggestive images. One of the artist's principal attributes is her fantastic style, crom which emerges the value

or er gift of creativity, realized with an accurate technique. Through her play of light and vivacious color she inspires us

with a message of joy and serenity, sustained by a strong original personality which surrenders to her style. She is a very

capable artist, who transports a knowledgeable chromatic compilation in her canvases, thus realizing works of value in a

very personal way. (Ermanno Corti - Critico d' arte)


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